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j_picspasms's Journal

Japanese Pop Culture Picspasms
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Japanese Pop Culture Picspasms Community

This is a community devoted to those random bouts of obsession where you just have to post to the world a hideously large amount of photos of your favorite Japanese Pop Culture icon.

This community came about because I have so many friends that do that quite a lot.

So go off and post picspasms of whoever you please! Have a good time! Sharing is caring :3!

--Any J-Star you adore. Male or Female! Have at it!
--First picture can be out of the cut, but not unless under 550x550. Everything else must be under a cut.
--Nudity is allowed. Just warn us first.
--If previous owners of images desire you to, please credit them. It's polite. I will report to them if I find out that you are not and they wanted you to. I know. I'm evil.

Mod: visual_elegance